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Brunel’s client is a Geotechnical Surveyor/Expert Witness. This long standing client is a complex risk, and with renewal approaching, the holding insurer suffered a crisis of appetite and confidence, and advised they would not be offering renewal terms.

Brunel visited the client mid-term to candidly discuss strategies (even picking up a water sample from
one of his clients on the way as he needed it urgently to test!).

We arranged for the client to attend our London offices to meet with key underwriters face to face, to discuss his business and so that they could gain a better understanding of the services he provided.

The insurers were so impressed that three of them wanted our client to act as an Expert Witness on other claims matters.

The client renewed their policy and complimented us on our fantastic service across the board. He commented that until he came to Brunel he had always viewed Insurance Brokers in a negative light but no more!

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