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Brunel acted for a small Accountant firm. The client was extremely concerned and anxious as he had notified a potential claim in the light of his partner in the Practice being accused of stealing funds from one of their clients.

The case was complicated in so far as the claimant was not only based in America but the partner had got involved in giving advice considerably outside of their remit as an accountant. The insurers were struggling to understand the basis of the claim, if any, after listening to hours of taped phone calls submitted by the claimant.

The client was at his wits end and advised Brunel he had been unaware of the extent of the involvement of the other partner.

Brunel considered a face to face meeting would probably be beneficial and agreed to make the 2hr+ drive the next day to their offices. The client expressed surprise as their premium was only £1,100 for the policy. Brunel assured him that this was not a critical factor!

After the meeting, the case was a lot clearer and easier to understand and in turn easier to explain to the insurers. This enabled us to negotiate favourable renewal terms with the insurer.

The client was extremely grateful and relieved everything had been dealt with so well. He has since recommended us to others.

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