Brunel Professional Risks has acted swiftly to protect all its solicitor professional indemnity insurance clients, following concerns that regulated insurer Berliner Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft (Berliner) will be unable to accept any solicitors’ PII risks for the year beginning 1 October.

Russell Lane, Managing Director, Brunel Professional Risks said:
“We have responded immediately to the uncertainty surrounding Berliner.  A number of our clients had accepted terms from the insurer for the PII year commencing 1 October 2013.  We have immediately contacted every one of our solicitor clients that has been affected to alert them to the issue and are working closely with them to ensure that they have effective PII cover in place before the renewal date.

“We specialise in professional indemnity insurance and can access to the full open market on behalf of our clients.  This means that we can respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions in the run-up to the solicitors’ PII renewal.”