We moved our corporate PI Insurance business to Brunel after some years of searching for a broker who would not despair that we are not only not an easy risk to place, – we carry out inspection work typically on high value structures, and perceived high risk structures and properties around the globe, and as an international Group need cover in all territories worldwide, but would also be comfortable that they could place business as carry out our inspections using instruments and techniques that are not well known. Brunel handled this simply, by the taking the unusual step of placing us in direct conversation with Underwriters, under the guidance of Sue Cooper who has handled our account, so that we and they would reach a common understanding of the nature of the risks, and the information need to value the risk. This has controlled and contained the previously mounting cost of achieving adequate cover for our operations in both Europe and the Americas. Although the market is hard to gauge, my impression is that we achieved savings Sue organisation of the order of at least 25 -30{0a6a65c996ed4169444354e707b897cdb00dbefc1d0429e8febb9bf11027ba53}. We have developed a trust and understanding which I expect will serve our Group well in the future. Their back room service is equally slick and efficient, and they have handled not only our account, but also the only claim we have made in 35 or so years of trading, with the same slick efficiency as their brokerage, minimising sweat for me and cost for the insurers.