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One of our Architect clients had a claim notification which did not run smoothly, and where the insurers had reserved their rights.

There were increasing breakdowns of communication, and rising tensions on the part of the insurer’s claims handlers and insurers themselves.

The insurers applied significant rate increases and excess amendments at renewal.

Brunel took control of the claims communications. We broke the war of words by properly clarifying what the insurers wanted to know, telephoning the client to guide them through and translate the issues so that they could properly respond, and then responding to the claims handlers on the client’s behalf diplomatically answering the claims handler’s queries and reassuring the concerns.

On the claim, the reservation of insurer’s rights was removed.

On the renewal of the policy, armed with the additional information relating to risk activities, we updated the underwriters with the latest claims positions. We demonstrated that the rate increase was unjustified and achieved improved excesses in relation to higher risk activities.

Our client advised they were delighted with the support and both outcomes.

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